Terms of cooperation and development of the organization

  • The OYAMA IKF is open to cooperation with different contact karate organizations, that have similar purpose and sport regulations.
  • The Board does not limit the member countries to compete at the tournaments organized by different organizations unless they are in similar time to the main event organized by the Federation.
  • All members of the Federation are obligated to work for the development of OYAMA IKF. Only strong and well working organization can reach high and stable position on a market. That is why we systematically teach our instructors and fighters. For the same reason we look for hard working, honest instructors in other countries and regions.
  • Taking under concern scandalous practices in many international karate organizations, The Board appeals not to invite to cooperation any instructors, that have a goal of receiving dan degrees for the price of joining to the new organization. We have to remember that the politics of buying instructors or fighters with dan degrees is demoralizing and shortsighted. Corrupted person newer influences the growth of the federation. Such a person does not respect the bribe and quickly leaves tempted by another quick and easy promotion.
  • OYAMA IKF guarantees its members a systematic growth and help in exchange for creativity, systematic work and loyalty. OSU !
  • The amount of membership fee in Oyama IKF is consulted by the President of the Federation directly with Country Representatives or with each Branch Chief if a Country Representative has not been named. Economical situation of a country / region, size of a club and limits and standards set by the Board of the Oyama IKF will determine the fee.