Membership in OYAMA IKF

  • Clubs represented by acknowledged Branch Chiefs are members of the OYAMA IKF.
  • All the Branch Chiefs from a country that has no Country Representative answer directly to President of the Federation.
  • In case when in a certain country there is only one club but it is rich in members and strong, by the decision of the Federation, the chief of the club can be named Country Representative in a country.
  • If there is a minimum of 3 active clubs (3 branch chiefs,) they from an official sport union and that union selects a candidate and the Federation nominates him as a Country Representative.
  • If there is no sport union in a country the Federation names a Country Representative.
  • All Country Representatives subordinate directly to President of the Federation.
  • Country Representatives chosen and designated by sport unions of each country work their term no longer than 5 years. If the representative of the Union is nominated again, the Federation will sustain the title of the Country Representative.
  • Branch Chiefs from countries where no country representatives have been designated are nominated for 3 year period.
  • Country Representatives, not chosen by union but designated by the Federation are nominated for a 3 year period.
  • After the term in office Country Representatives and Branch Chief’s work will be reviewed. Work for the development of the OYAMA IKF in a country and internationally will be taken under consideration. Based on that and necessary consultations, President of the Federation can give Branch Chief or Country Representative title for next 3 years.
  • The Federation does not limit the number of terms a person can serve if he is serving the organization well.
  • Country Representatives nominated by the Federation represent directly the interest of Branch Chief from its country. Country Representatives, respecting the a local law, have a right to take decisions on behalf of Branch Chiefs preserving their wide know interest. If there is even outcome of a vote in a council of Branch Chiefs, the Country Representative has a final vote.
  • During the time in term, Branch Cheefs can not address directly to the Board of the Federation avoiding the Country Representative.
  • After the term of Country Representative nominated by the Federation the Branch Chiefs give their opinion about the work of the Country Representative. To receive a nomination for the next term the Council of Branch Chiefs needs to give a positive opinion on paper.
  • At this point of development of the OYAMA IKF no regional or continental associations will be created. All the international actions (organization, schooling, sports) are being coordinated by President of the Federation and interested countries.
  • Country Representative or Branch Chief can not open new Branches in a different country without a permission from the Federation and it’s representative in this country. That does not exclude keeping free contact in schooling and sports between different Branch Chiefs and Country Representatives.