About joining

   If you head a karate club or plan to open one, and wish to practise OYAMA Karate and to offer teaching legitimately, you must apply to have a contract with Hanshi Jan Dyduch 9 th dan- President of OYAMA International Karate Federation. OYAMA IKF Board is located in Krakow, Poland.

   On accepting you as a branch chief or country representative, headquarters provides your karate club or organization with:

  1. A branch chief or country representative certificate; the legitimate proof of rights to operate a OYAMA IKF member together with the contract.
  2. Always direct contact with headquarters.
  3. Technical information on how to practice the Oyama karate.
  4. Support, information and advice to operate a karate club.
  5. Access to international events of the OYAMA IKF.
  6. Legal rights to make use of the name and logo of OYAMA IKF.
  7. Legal rights to issue kyu certificates.
  8. Legal rights to recommend dan certificates, issued by OYAMA IKF.

   All of the our members will be entitled to the benefits of shared business materials to aid in the development of their clubs. They will have access to marketing materials, software packages, seminars, camps, promotion tests, kata DVD, and all our products.

   If you care that your students practice OYAMA Karate in a legal way, please apply to OYAMA IKF Board for membership:

Hanshi Jan Dyduch
OYAMA IKF Headquarters
ul. Szuwarowa 8/6
30-384 Kraków

The OYAMA IKF secretary can be reached at:
+ 48 600465055 and + 48 602 698287
or e-mail: office@oyama.net.pl