Legal and organization basics

  • Grand Master Shigeru Oyama, with witnesses present: his wife – Patricia Oyama, Country Representative in Russia – Sensei Igor Gubaydulin and Radoslaw Dyduch- Foregin Affairs Director, gave officially a document that states that Hanshi Jan Dyduch has unlimited right to sign agreements regarding the use of Oyama karate trademarks world wide, within OYAMA IKF.
  • According to written contract with Soshu, Hanshi Jan Dyduch has a full right to use the first name, last name, title, rank and appearance of Grand Master Shigeru Oyama.
  • Soshu Shigeru Oyama accepted all the regulations of the OYAMA IKF.
  • All members of the OYAMA IKF, based on the membership declarations, regulations and yearly fees obtain the right to use the Oyama karate trade marks.