OYAMA’S style

"Studying karate is like climbing a big mountain. Life is similar to. It is important to persistently try to get to the top. When you reach it you can see and understand a lot. Standing under the mountain lets only admire it's top."

Grand Master Shigeru Oyama 10th Dan

   Creator of our style was Grand Master Shigeru OYAMA 10th Dan - legend of world karate, who after decades of practicing and studying eastern martial arts created neoclassical discipline, based on Japanese karate tradition and the most effective and successful martial arts forms. Soshu Shigeru Oyama, 10th Dan, was with out a doubt the greatest full contact karate master alive. During his 70 years of career he has become famous for the test of 100 successful fights with black belts in a row, shows with breaking wood and blocks of ice with his bare hands and also catching the blade of a samurai sword bear handed while being attacked. Soshu Oyama thought many distinguished world karate experts as well as world and continental karate champions including current leaders of many international karate organizations. Hanshi Jan Dyduch emphasizes : First of all Soshu Shigeru Oyama was a great master and teacher. He was modest, diligent, patient and big-hearted man. He could not only judge but also carefully listen. As he said, he learned a lot from his students and coworkers. He was not looking for power or cheap popularity. He avoided politics but in the matters of great concern to contact karate worldwide, his opinion, as deceased Masutatsu Oyama's best student, had great importance. He is an author of many schooling books and movies, including excellent book "Perfect Karate".

   OYAMA style was developed as a martial art and self defense as well as a contact formula (full contact- with attack on the head with gloves as well as knockdown and semi-knockdown - without attacking the head with the punches). Shigeru Oyama rejected the fighting doctrine from Goyu-ryu and Kyokushin and included fast changing of positions, foreseeing opponents movements, moving away form opponents line of attack with instant counter attacking. He devoted his whole schooling program to this philosophy. He changed some blocks, punches and forms. He improved footwork and putted a big pressure on body rotation.

   Soshu's new kihon kata created a link between learning the basics and real fighting. Combining with other advanced over style forms, known as the classic karate like for example Seienchin or Kanku-dai, kihon kata created a representative image of a birth of a new karate on the verge of XX and XXI century. These forms are being studied, practiced and they are one of the most important factors leading to the understanding of OYAMA style as a martial art as well.

   Advanced students and masters practice kata with weapons (Bo,Tonfa,Sai). Kata just like weapon forms were additionally included into the sport competition. In OYAMA IKF we have our own system for teaching children, youth and adults adopted to their psycho-physical abilities.

   Training with children is focused on the practical advantages of karate - good health, feeling of safety and systematic shaping of the character.