The final of the 18th Krakow OYAMA Karate Olympiad for Children took place in Krakow-Poland. The tournament was organized by Krakowski Club OYAMA with its leader Hanshi Jan Dyduch 8th dan. Over 940 children took part in the competition.

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Memorial of Soshu Shigeru Oyama

City of Nowogrod Bobrzanski hosted the 3rd Polish Open OYAMA CUP-Memorial of Soshu Shigeru Oyama. Tournament was organized by Lubuskie Centrum Oyama Karate-Nowogrod Bobrzanski Section with its leader Sensei Mateusz Landa 2nd dan. OYAMA CUP gathered 30 competitors from 23 clubs representing OYAMA Polish Karate Federation, German Oyama Karate Organization and Polish Kyokushin-Tezuka Group.

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City of Radom, hosted OYAMA IKF Open European Cup, that gathered almost 320 participants from 13 countries representing OYAMA International Karate Federation, World Kanreikai Karate and seven Kyokushin organizations (including: Kyokushin-Tezuka Group, Kyokushin Matsushima and Shinkyokushin).

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