Jelenia Góra 2024


Participants of the Seminar.

On January 6-7, 2024, in Jelenia Góra, the National OYAMA PKF Training Seminar focused on combat competitions took place with the participation of 250 people, including guests from Norway, Germany and Hungary. The sessions were led by: Hanshi Jan Dyduch, 9th dan; Shihan Paweł Pajdak, 7th dan; Sensei Tomasz Mrowiec, 4th dan and Shihan Rafał Majda, 6th dan, who was the organizer and the led the Kumite training block. The seminar targeted club leaders, technical training managers, judges, black belt holders, and a broad range of junior and senior athletes.  

Our leaders.

During the opening ceremony, Hanshi Jan Dyduch received a certificate and belt for his 9th dan master degree, unanimously awarded by the OYAMA International Karate Federation Congress of Delegates in Kraków on October 7, 2023. Hanshi warmly thanked everyone for recognising his work, and emphasised that it wouldn’t be possible without the fruitful 30-year collaboration, including Saiko Shihan Andrzej Pierzchała, 8th dan; Shihan Paweł Pajdak, 7th dan and Shihan Witold Choiński, 7th dan, to whom he presented belts and master diplomas on behalf of the OYAMA IKF Congress of Delegates. HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU, OSU!

Sensei Wojciech Piątas (Norway) during the training.

Subsequently, the leader of our Organisation honoured Sensei Wojciech Piątas, 3rd dan (Norway), with a diploma on the occasion of his 30-year anniversary of training Oyama Karate.
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS, OSU!                        

Shihan Rafał Majda.
The main part of the Seminar consisted of three original trainings sessions by Shihan Rafał Majda, focused on learning the mae geri and hiza geri jodan combinations. The instructor conducted sessions using “Thai pads” as a supplement and variation to the karate contact training. 

Training session.

Shihan Paweł Pajdak, 7th dan; the chairman of the Judging Committee of the Association, conducted workshops for mat referees and side judges in combat competitions.

Training with pads. Sensei Tomasz Mrowiec and Sensei Maciej Giziński.

Sensei Tomasz Mrowiec, 4th dan, during two specialised training sessions, presented selected motor exercises aimed at preparing athletes for sports combat using their body weight and resistance bands.                                                    

During the Seminar, Hanshi Jan Dyduch conducted lectures and workshops as a part of the OYAMA PKF Sports Instructor Course with 30 participants.