Junior successes in Belarus

Open OYAMA Karate Championships took place in Zhlobin.

Sensei Aleksey Burdyka, the director of “Taipan” Club in Zhlobin, was the organizer of the competition.

80 participants took part in the championships. They were the representatives of: the OYAMA Karate Federation in Ukraine, the Belarusian OYAMA Karate Federation, the Federation of Thai-boxing and Sai-Sin-Kai-Kan-karate-do from Gomel,


The champions of the tournament: 

Age group 8-9 year olds, under 35 kg:  Sharapov – Oyama karate Ukraine

Age group 8-9 year olds,  over 35 kg: Batskalevich - Oyama karate Belarus

Age group 10-11 year olds,  under 40 kg: Svistovich - Oyama karate Ukraine

Age group 10-11 year olds,  over 40 kg: Karpuchek - Oyama karate Belarus

Age group 12-13 year olds, open weight category: Sabluk - Oyama karate Ukraine

Age group 14-15 year olds, under 50 kg:Kazakevich - Oyama karate Belarus

Age group 14-15 year olds, over 50 kg: Kolenchuk - Sai-Sin-Kai-Kan-karate-do (Gomel)

Age group 16-17 open weight category: Leonovets - Oyama karate Belarus

Age group 13-14 open weight category (girls): Topal- Oyama karate Ukraine

Taking the opportunity, it's worth to remind that representatives of  Oyama Karate from Belarus, took part in recent Open Kyokushinkai IKO Matsushima Karate Championships in the city of Brest. 170 participants from different organizations of Kyokushinkai and Oyama karate took part in the competitions. The participants were 12 to 17 years old.

Our organization was represented by sportsmen from the “Saiha” Club, Stolin, with its leader Igor Yurkevich.

There was also Aleksander Savostyanchik the director of the “Businkan”Club, Rogachev.

The championships were organized at a good level. The only exception was the judgment which was not always objective. Nevertheless, all children went through the elimination fights and three of sportsmen became the best fighters.

Age group 14-15 year olds,under 50 kg.: Vishnevsky Dmitry – the  2nd place and Kazakevich Dmitry – the 3rd place

Age group 16-17 year olds, over 70 kg: Leonovets Yury – the 3rd place.

Congratulations and the best wishes for further successes, OSU!