Polish Knockdown Karate Championships 
Rousing and balanced final fights !

Dominik Rzepka, The Most Effective Fighter of the Championships
and Jarosław Zawodni, The Best Technician of the Championships.

   The 13th Polish Senior Knockdown Karate Championships of Polish Karate Federation took place in Wrocław. Mr Rafał Dutkiewicz, Mayor of the city of Wrocław and Shihan Jan Dyduch, President of OYAMA Polish Karate Federation took patronage over the competition. The championships were organized by Wrocławski Oyama Karate Club DRAGON with its leader Sebastian Mielcarek 2nd dan.

61 male and female fighters took part in the championships. They represented eighteen leading clubs of: Oyama Karate, Kyokushinkai-Tezuka and IFK Kyokushin. Sensei Paweł Pajdak 4th dan (Sosnowiec) was the main referee. The duties of the mat referees were fulfilled by Sensei: Witold Choiński 4th dan (Białystok), Rafał Majda 4th dan (Jelenia Góra) and Bogusław Plewka 3rd dan (Lubliniec).

The Championships were at very good sports level with their rousing and balanced final fights. Many of them ended with the verdict based on: weight difference or test tameshiwarii. Due to the competition regulations, all participants fought without protectors. They were allowed to use techniques like i.a.: mae-geri and hiza geri-jodan.

In accordance with predictions, the favourites got the highest steps of the podium. They were the medalists of the last Polish Championships, Polish Cup ”Oyama Top” and European Championships in the Hague. Anna Kołodziej-Plewka, Lubliniec and Marta Szostak, Warszawa, present European female champions fought one of the best duel of the competition. Both ladies are candidates for the World Championships in Japan and World Cup in the USA. Mateusz Szczygieł, the representative of Wrocław, won a gold medal in light weight category, what was an unexpected but very nice end of the competition for host. The Cup for the Most Effective Fighter of the Championships was won by Dominik Rzepka, Kraków. The Trophy for the Best Technician of the Championships was handed to Jarosław Zawodni, Wałbrzych.

Mr Adam Stocki, the Director of the Sports Department of the City of Wrocław, Shihan Jan Dyduch 7th dan, on behalf of Polish Karate Federation and Sensei Paweł Pajdak 4th dan, the Main Referee handed impressive medals, cups and diplomas. They were sponsored by Mayor of the City of Wrocław and President of OYAMA Polish Karate Federation.

Present Polish Champions in Knockdown Karate 

Sylwia Kachel (Kraków) - under 60 kg female senior category 

Anna Kołodziej-Plewka (Lubliniec) - over 60 kg female senior category

Mateusz Szczygieł (Wrocław Dragon)- under 65 kg  male senior category

Dominik Rzepka (Kraków)- under 70 kg male senior category

Jacek Walaszczyk (Katowice Goliat)-under 75 kg male senior category

Adam Szablewski (Wałbrzych)- under 80 kg male senior category 

Dawid Kiszycki (Białystok)- under 90 kg male senior category 

Łukasz Łuczyński (Kozienice)- over 90 kg male senior category