The 13th visit of Soshu Oyama to Poland
Legendary Master taught in Kraków and Chorzów

    Grand Master Shigeru Oyama 10th dan spend several days in Poland at the special invitation of the OYAMA Polish Karate Federation. Within the framework of the 13th International Qualification and Training Seminary, Soshu led unforgettable trainings for children. Gathered in large number parents and invited guests spontaneously expressed their recognition for the trainings.

    As every year, there were bouquets, friendly handshakes, group photos with legendary Master Soshu led two trainings for instructors and advanced students from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, the USA and Germany. Trainings were devoted to teaching: Sai-kata and Koryo-Gojushiho. On the same day, Shihan Jan Dyduch 7th led the meeting of country and branch representatives of the OYAMA IKF. Shihan discussed with them conditions of the international training and sports co-operation in 2008.

On the third of the Seminary, in the TOMEX sports hall in Nowa Huta- Krakow, there was the black belt examination which consisted of two parts. Exam lasted for 5 hours. Technical part included presentations of all techniques, combinations, kihon-kata, kata and schemas with weapons: Bo, Tonfa and Sai. During the practical part of the exam all participants, and especially the black belt candidates, had to endure stiff fights with demanding partners. The fights forced candidates to the highest level of effort and made them overcome their weaknesses and limitations. Grand Master positively assessed the high level presented by candidates and promoted 72 students to the different black belt degrees. Below there is a list of those who passed the examination. 7 candidates will take the re-sit exam in Krakow in June 2008.

    At the end of the seminary, Soshu Oyama gave some interviews to media representatives, he especially mentioned the recent great international successes of Polish fighters.

    In the evening, in the restaurant "Santorini" there was Sayonara, formal party for about 160 participants. They were all participants of the exam, their relatives, the representatives of Oyama Karate centres and numerous guests from Poland and from abroad. During the official part, Shihan Jan Dyduch sincerely thanked Grand Master and his wife for their visit to Poland. Mr and Mrs Oyama received beautiful bouquets and gifts. Accompaying them sensei Kit Rosenstein received embroidered shirt to celebrate 15th anniversary of Oyama Karate in Poland. Grand Master handed in champions' certificates and black belts to Sensei: Jacek Kasperski 3rd dan (Wadowice), Marek Zwierzyński 1st dan (Warsaw), Sebastian Wacławski 1st dan (Wadowice), Jacek Zalewski 1st dan (Wysoka) and Shamil Guseynov 1st dan (Narva, Estonia). Sensei Igor Gubaydulin 3rd (Saint Petersburg) received the Cerificate of the Country Representative of the Oyama IKF in Russia. Farewell party was a great opportunity to take commemorative photos with Soshu, exchange gifts and lead interesting conversations. Grand Master stayed in the Hotel "Santorini". He met there with a warm welcome and he appreciated the great cooking. During their free time, guests from the USA went sightseeing. They visited the monuments of Krakow and the Salt Mine in Wieliczka.

On behalf of Grand Master Shigeru Oyama 10th dan and myself
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who took part in the seminary
for their active participation and fruitful co-operation.
Congratulations to those who gained black belt degrees.
I wish you further successes in practising Oyama Karate


Shihan Jan Dyduch 7th dan


1st DAN:

No Name City-club Dan
1 Adamkiewicz Tomasz Turek 1st Dan
2 Andrzejewski Norbert Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
3 Bajołek Aleksander Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
4 Bartosz Dominik Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
5 Białek Małgorzata Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
6 Borowiec Izabela Katowice WR1 1st Dan
7 Cierpioł Sebastian Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
8 Czaja Klaudia Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
9 Faron Beata Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
10 Florkiewicz Tomasz Warszawa-Tygrys 1st Dan
11 Fyda Daria Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
12 Golonka Marcin Wieliczka 1st Dan
13 Gożdzik Piotr Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
14 Grabowski Sławomir Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
15 Grela Radosław Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
16 Idzik Sławomir Rzeszów 1st Dan
17 Ignatiuk Marta Jelenia Góra 1st Dan
18 Jastrzębski Andrzej Kozienice 1st Dan
19 Karczewska Danuta Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
20 Kołodziejski Dawid Łask 1st Dan
21 Kostrzewa Konrad Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
22 Laskowski Łukasz Wrocław-Dragon 1st Dan
23 Łapczyński Sebastian Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
24 Maciaszek Krzysztof Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
25 Mackiewicz Marek Koszalin 1st Dan
26 Mazur Łukasz Jelenia Góra 1st Dan
27 Mazurkiewicz Jacek Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
28 Michalska Jolanta Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
29 Murmuchamiatow Piotr Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
30 Muszyński Piotr Katowice WR1 1st Dan
31 Owczarek Mariusz Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
32 Petrenko Iryna Gostomel-Ukraina 1st Dan
33 Picheta Piotr Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
34 Polak Krzysztof Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
35 Raukach Mikhail Stolin-Białoruś 1st Dan
36 Savastsyanchyk Aliaksandr Zhlobin-Białoruś 1st Dan
37 Siegieńczuk Marcin Białystok 1st Dan
38 Sobolewski Hubert Bydgoszcz 1st Dan
39 Szymczyk Mateusz Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
40 Światowski Łukasz Sosnowiec 1st Dan
41 Trusewicz Jan Białystok 1st Dan
42 Uzar Grzegorz Tarnobrzeg 1st Dan
43 Wasilenia Maciej Kraków-Oyama 1st Dan
44 Wieczorowski Rafał Katowice-Goliat 1st Dan
45 Wita Beata Katowice WR1 1st Dan
46 Wysocki Piotr Warszawa-SKOK 1st Dan
47 Zaleski Filip Warszawa-Tygrys 1st Dan

2nd DAN:

No Name City-club Dan
1 Błaszków Marek Lubsko 2nd Dan
2 Dyba Jarema Warszawa-Tygrys 2nd Dan
3 Kloskowski Artur Gdańsk 2nd Dan
4 Kovaliev Andrei Nowogród Wielki- Rosja 2nd Dan
5 Kowalski Dariusz Warszawa-SKOK 2nd Dan
6 Mostek Patrycjusz Rzeszów 2nd Dan
7 Mrowiec Tomasz Katowice-Goliat 2nd Dan
8 Plewka- Kołodziej Anna Lubliniec 2nd Dan
9 Przybysz Piotr Łódż 2nd Dan
10 Rzepka Dominik Kraków-Oyama 2nd Dan
11 Sąsiadek Anna Rzeszów 2nd Dan
12 Sochan Adam Łódż 2nd Dan
13 Sukmanowski Mariusz Lubliniec 2nd Dan
14 Szulc Dariusz Piotrków trybunalski 2nd Dan
15 Walaszczyk Jacek Katowice-Goliat 2nd Dan

3rd DAN:

No Name City-club Dan
1 Borowiec Kazimierz Katowice-WR1 3rd Dan
2 Czopek Rafał Brzeszcze 3rd Dan
3 Fyda Danuta Katowice-Goliat 3rd Dan
4 Kardyś Paweł Rzeszów 3rd Dan
5 Rygiert Włodzimierz Turek 3rd Dan
6 Sakowicz Grzegorz Warszawa-Tygrys 3rd Dan
7 Walaszczyk Jerzy Katowice-Goliat 3rd Dan
8 Wojewoda Krzysztof Koło 3rd Dan

4th DAN:

No Name City-club Dan
1 Leończyk Waldemar Słupsk 4th Dan
2 Majda Rafał Jelenia Góra 4th Dan