Organisational and sports success of the hosts!

Inga Fister won a gold medal in Knockdown.
Photo Radosław Dyduch

The 28th Polish OYAMA Karate Federation Championships in Kumite were held on April 22nd and 23rd, 2023, at the Educational and Recreational Center "Solne Miasto" in Wieliczka. Nearly 300 participants representing 34 OYAMA Karate Clubs and 3 Kyokushin Karate Organisations (IKO Nakamura, Tezuka Group, IKO Matsushima) competed.

Start of the competition in U-14 age categories
Photo Radosław Dyduch

Artur Kozioł, Mayor of the City and Municipality of Wieliczka, along with Jan Dyduch, President of the OYAMA Polish Karate Federation, have taken patronage over the competition. The event was hosted by Wielicki Klub Sportowy OYAMA led by Sensei Jarosław Hebda 4th dan.

The opening ceremony.
Photo Radosław Dyduch

The competition was opened by Hanshi Jan Dyduch 8th dan and Ms. Angelika Waszkiewicz, the director of the Department of Sport of the Wieliczka Town and Municipality. The championships were attended by, among others, Shihan Eugeniusz Stanisławek 7th dan (Wałbrzych), the President of EKTG, Shihan Andrzej Pierzchała 7th dan (Kraków), the V-ce President for Training in OYAMA IFK, Shihan Zbigniew Goliński 5th dan (Limanowa), IKO Nakamura Branch President and Sensei Mirosław Jurowczyk 3rd dan (Wasilków), Matsushima National Representative. Shihan Paweł Pajdak 6th dan (Sosnowiec) was the Head Referee.

Maksyma Maksymov’s effective attack.
Photo Radosław Dyduch

During the opening ceremony of the various competitions of the Championships, Hanshi Dyduch, on behalf of the Board of the Association, presented magnificent trophies to the best Oyama Karate athletes in Poland in 2022. The Head of OYAMA PKF emphasised the success of Sensei Jarosław Hebda and Wielicki Klub Sportowy OYAMA, who won the main prize for the best sports performance of children and youth in 2022. CONGRATULATIONS, OSU!

Competition in the U-14 category.
Photo Radosław Dyduch

The tournament went smoothly over the course of 2 days, with competitions taking place on 2 to 3 mats. On Saturday, competitions were held in the below-14 age categories, and in the Knockdown category. On Sunday - in the Semi-Knockdown category.

The best in OYAMA PFK Polish Championships, Wieliczka 2023
Photo Radosław Dyduch

The trophies for the Best Female and Male Competitor of the Polish Championships in Wieliczka were awarded to Inga Fister (Piotrków Trybunalski) and Maksym Maksymov (Wasilków IKO Matsushima). Trophies, medals and diplomas were presented by: Hanshi Jan Dyduch 8th dan, Shihan Andrzej Pierzchała 7th dan, Shihan Paweł Pajdak 6th dan, Shihan Witold Choiński 6th dan and Sensei Jarosław Hebda 4th dan.

The Polish Championships in Wieliczka were sponsored
by OYAMA Polish Karate Federation.

Photo report by Sensei Radosław Dyduch 2nd dan (Kraków).