DAGEKI World Championships in Canada
Excellent performance form a Polish Team!

Dominik Rzepka, Anna Majczak and Roman Misiaszek, foto Marcin Majczak

Flaga Kanady   


Polish Team gave a great performance during the DAGEKI World Championships in
Contact Karate in Montreal. Roman Misiaszek and Dominik Rzepka won silver medals
additionally Anna Majczak won a bronze in knockdown. Besides that Polish female
competitor won a gold medal in kata competing against excellent participants from
Kyokushin and Kanreikai. Many organizations were represented as well as 14 countries.
The majority came from Canada and USA. The organizer of DAGEKI World Championships
in Montreal was Union Karate Canada created by leaders of Kyokushin and Kenreikai
organizations. This years leader was Sensei Fouad El Harrif from All Japan Kyokushinkai
Union. Honorary guest were: Hanshi Manny Matias 8th dan (Kanreikai, USA),
Hanshi Jan Dyduch 8th dan (Oyama, Poland), Shihan Shigeru Tabata 7th dan (All Japan
Kyokushin Union, Japan) and Shihan Andre Gilbert 7th dan (Kyokushin IKO1, Canada).
Head Referee duties were given to Shihan Real Gagnon 6th dan (Kyokushin, Canada).

Anna Majczak during the Kanku Dai presentation, foto: Sergei Bergen

During the morning hours of the Championship day two tournament were conducted Light contact for children and youth tournament in Semi-knockdown. Tournaments were conducted simultaneously on seven tatami. There was also a tournament for juniors and seniors in kata. Poland was represented in an advanced category by Anna Majczak who defended her World Championship from 2010. Our sincere congratulations, OSU!

Roman Misiaszek in his victorious fight, foto: Sergei Bergen

The knockdown finals were preceded by an opening ceremony and a show of Japanese drum artists. After the performance Shihan Shigeru Tabata 7 th dan the director and chairman of the Tournament Institute of All Japan Kyokushin Union spoke in high regard about the idea of common knockdown championships for many organizations. He underlined the common Kyokushin roots and historical significance of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

Dominik Rzepka won second place in middle weight category, foto: Sergei Bergen

Polish competitors Roman Misiaszek and Dominik Rzepka after ferocious fights won

Vice Championships in light and middle category. They lost to the host competitors.
Anna Majczak after an even fight lost a chance for the final but won a third place
in lightweight category. According to Hanshi Jan Dyduch, the coach of Polish Team,
the fights stood on a very high level. In Montreal clashed well prepared fighters from
All Japan Kyokushin Union, Kyokushin IKO1, Shinkyokushin, Kyokushin-kan, Oyama,
Kanreikai, Kenshikai, Kyokushin IBK and Kyokushin IFK.

Sightseeing Ottawa and the Canadian Parliament in the back, foto Marcin Majczak

Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the hosts with Sensei Denis Cordeiro, the Polish
Team saw the capitol of the country –Ottawa. Thank you for your help and hospitality, OSU!

The official sponsor of the Polish Oyama Karate is SKŁADYWĘGLA.PL The sponsor of

Anna and Marcin Majczak was the City Hall of Lublin and Euro-Project LLC with Chairman Roman Rogalski. Thank you for your support, OSU!

We congratulate our representatives, OSU!


Women Lightweight 

1. Kimm Carrière
2. Renee Bochardt
3. Anna Majczak

Women Middleweight

1. Julie Lamarre
2. Myriam Lamarre
3. Émilie Provost

Men Lightweight

1. Mickael Spineti
2. Roman Misiaszek
3. Patrick Zondag

Men Middleweight

1. Benoit Porlier
2. Dominik Rzepka
3. Fernando Aguilar

Men Heavyweight

1. Mohamed Chikh
2. Claibourne Henry
3. David Labrecque


Advanced Kata Category

1. Anna Majczak
2. Karine Corriveau
3. Myriam El Harrif