OYAMA IKF in Uzbekistan

Seminar in Samarkand

Participants of the seminar in Samarkand

Sensei Igor Gubaidulin 4th dan the OYAMA IKF Country Representative in Russia was invited by Sensei Fahriddin Usmanov, the OYAMA IKF Country Representative in Uzbekistan to conduct a seminar in Samarkand. The meeting was organized by Branch Chief Sempai Saniar Aminov. OSU !

Soshu Oyama, Sempai Aminov and Sensei Gubaydulin. 

The OYAMA IKF Director of sports division focused on the kihon and kihon kata.
Despite very hot weather, about 42 C degrees , the first part lasted more than three hours and the second about two hours. Sensei Igor Gubaidulin expressed gratitude for the nice acceptance in Samarkand and for huge work done by Oyama IKF representatives on fighters preparation.

We congratulate Sensei Igor Gubaidulin, Sensei Fahriddin Usmanov and Sempai Sandjar Aminov for their great work. Uzbekistan became an official member of OYAMA IKF !

2500 year old Samarkand, photo on Creative Commons license: user Le Behnam