Polish Cup OYAMA TOP

Roman Oraczko the winner of Polish Cup, Photo Radoslaw Dyduch

The 11th Polish Cup OYAMA TOP in knockdown took place in Kozienice. About 40 female and male fighters, representing 16 Oyama karate clubs, took part in the tournament. The event was organized by Nadwislanski Klub Sportow Walki WULKAN with its leader Sensei Andrzej Suwala 3rd dan. The tournament was held under the patronage of local authorities and Hanshi Jan Dyduch 8th dan, the president of OYAMA Polish Karate Federation. Shihan Andrzej Pierzchala 5th dan OYAMA IKF director of schooling division was also present during the competition. Shihan Pawel Pajdak 5th dan (Sosnowiec) was the head referee. The duties of the field referees were fulfilled by Shihan Witold Choinski 5thdan (Bialystok), Sensei Rafal Majda 4th dan and Sensei Boguslaw Plewka 4th dan (Lubliniec).

Dominik Rzepka in action. Photo Radoslaw Dyduch

The competition was at very good sports and organizational level. The winners of the OYAMA TOP category received impressive cups and financial prizes, sponsored by OYAMA Polish Karate Federation. The Cups for the Best Fighters of the OYAMA TOP went to Anna Kolodziej-Plewka from Lubliniec and Lukasz Luczynski from Kozienice.

Anna Kolodziej-Plewka and Lukasz Luczynski, photo: Radoslaw Dyduch


Knockdown Female, under 60 kg category  
Koptyra Katarzyna (Sosnowiec)  
Knockdown Female, over 60 kg category  
Plewka-Kolodziej Anna (Lubliniec)- The best female fighter of Oyama Top 
Knockdown Male, under 70 kg category  
Oraczko Roman (Krakow- Oyama)  
Knockdown Male, under 80 kg category  
Rzepka Dominik (Krakow-Oyama)  
Knockdown Male, over 80 kg category  
Luczynski Lukasz (Kozienice) - The best male fighter of Oyama Top