International OYAMA IKF Seminary in Russia
Hanshi Jan Dyduch 8th dan !

Grand Master Shigeru Oyama 10th dan and his wife Patricia came to Saint Petersburg at the invitation of Sensei Igor Gubaydulin 3rd dan, the leader of Russian OYAMA IKF Federation. During a two-day meeting, Soshu Oyama conducted a spectacular training for a group of 300 children in the Winter Stadium. At the end of the training he gave many autographs and posed for the pictures. Soshu also gave an interview for the Russian TV.  Grand Master also conducted two special trainings regarding fighting tactics and Seienchin kata. Representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Estonia, Poland and Uzbekistan took part in this event. On the second day, the creator of the OYAMA style tested 27, 1st and 2nd dan candidates.

The results of the examination

1. Sergeev Sergey 1st dan, Russia
2. Loshkarev Ilia 1st dan, Russia
3. Gaft Mikhail 1st dan, Russia
4. Ashastin Anton 1st dan, Russia
5. Ovechko Elena 1st dan, Russia
6. Matkovskaya Kira Junior 1st dan, Russia
7. Novikova Marina 1st dan, Russia
8. Ashihin Ilya 1st dan, Russia
9. Timofeev Anton 1st dan, Russia
10. Dikhtyar Evgeny 1st dan, Russia
11. Bogdanov Dmitry 1st dan, Russia
12. Ivashko Alexander 1st dan, Russia
13. Guk Evgeny 1st dan, Russia
14. Asadov Eduard 1st dan, Russia
15. Aniskin Vladimir 1st dan, Russia
16. Yarulin Dmitry 1st dan, Russia
17. Semenov Anton 1st dan, Russia
18. Zenkov Viktor 1st dan, Russia
19. Kolesnikova Yulia 1st dan, Russia
20. Gasratov Iskander Honorary 2nd dan, Russia
21. Moroz Varvara 2nd dan, Russia
22. Moroz Vladimir 2nd dan, Russia
23. Demchuk Kirill 2nd dan, Russia
24. Burkov Yuriy 2nd dan, Russia
25. Gorbachev Andrey 2nd dan, Russia
26. Kikenov Igor 2nd dan, Russia
27. Kondratjuk Andrei 2nd dan, Estonia

During the council with representatives from Eastern Europe and Asia issues regarding the rules for personal politics were discussed as well as the official OYAMA IKF calendar for the year 2013. There were also new admissions to the organization. Sensei Fahriddin Usmanov from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and also Sensei Valeriy Savitskiy who was nominated as an OYAMA IKF Country Representative in Estonia.

At the end of the seminary, there was a Sayonara Party in the Moscow Hotel. During the party Soshu Shigeru Oyama handed in the master certificates and OYAMA IKF license for the country representatives and branch chiefs.

Grand Master Shigeru Oyama 10th dan granted Jan Dyduch the 8th dan Master black belt and a Hanshi title, in recognition of high masterly qualifications in karate, significant successes in training, sport and outstanding merits in propagating and organizational development of Oyama Karate at the international level. Sincere congratulations, OSU!

The honorary midday canon shot performed by Sensei Igor Gubaydulin

During the stay in Saint Petersburg, Soshu Oyama and Hanshi Dyduch took part in a honorary canon shot performed by Sensei Igor Gubaydulin in the historical Peter and Paul Fortress. This extraordinary event was witnessed by a numerous crowd of invited guests. The leader of OYAMA  IKF in Russia, received that privilege from the city officials in recognition of his outstanding sports and schooling work towards children and the youth.

In the historical Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg.

It is worth mentioning that between June 5th and 6th 2010, there will be the 14th International  OYAMA Karate Schooling – Qualifying Seminary with Grand Master Shigeru OYAMA, held in Krakow, Poland. Over 100 candidates  mainly from  Poland but also from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Iran and France, will take part in the promotion test for the 1st , 2nd , 3rd  and 4th dan.

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