The European ICHIBAN Cup

The tournament was at a very good level, photo: Radosław Dyduch

The European ICHIBAN Cup took place in Breda, the tournament was organised by European Organization- Kyokushinkai Tezuka Group with its leader Shihan Alain Breugelmans 7 dan. The representatives of different knockdown karate organizations and countries took part in the competition. Among the participants there were also the representatives of Poland from OYAMA PFK and Tezuka Group. Shihan Mori from Japan was a guest of honour.

Our team with Shihan Alain Breugelmans, photo: Radosław Dyduch

   The representative of OYAMA PKF, Sempai Łukasz Łuczyński, Kozienice and Sempai Dawid Kiszycki, Białystok, were defeated during elimination phase after fierce fights. Due to the opinion of Sensei Rafał Majda, the coach of our team, the tournament was at a high level and it was well refereed.

The victorious fight of Anita Bucher, Switzerland, photo: Radosław Dyduch

   Especially female fighters (for their fierce fights) and veterans (over 40 years old) with the oldest 52-year-old fighter earn a great appreciation. During the opening ceremony, the host prepared an excellent Japanese-style show.

A lady with a fan, photo: Radosław Dyduch

Radosław Dyduch, OYAMA IFK Director of foreign affairs, was the head of our team, an interpreter and a photograph.
1st place Anita Bucher Switzerland
2nd place Canan Yorulmaz The Netherlands
3th place Anna Vishniakova Russian Federation
1st place Daniel Sanchez Spain
2nd place Sergey Braun Germany
3th place Saeed Arzough Iran
1st place Borys Gladkyl Ukraine
2nd place Robert Verlegh Belgium
3th place Salvador Nyens Belgium
Supplementary prizes
Best lightweight Canan Yorulmaz Holland
Best heavyweight Anita Bucher Switzerland
Best lightweight Michel Rinerie Holland
Best middleweight Daniel Sanchez Spain
Best heavyweight Sergey Braun Germany
Best heavyweight Borys Gladkyl Ukraine
Spirit prize Sergey Braun Germany
Fastest K.O.
Sammy-Lee Muller Ukraine