The best Polish juniors

As every year, the OYAMA Polish Karate Federation awarded or honoured the best female and male fighters chosen from the group of 241 finalists of the international  and all-Polish tournaments in 2009. Honours were also given to best activists and the leading clubs.

The 1st place in the senior female category went to Anna Kołodziej-Plewka, Lubliniec, Lubliniecki Klub Oyama Karate 

The 1st place in the senior male category went to Łukasz Łuczyński, Kozienice , Nadwiślański Klub Sportów Walki WULKAN.

The 1st place in the junior female category went to Magdalena Kraszewska, Oświęcim, Oświęcimski Klub Karate 

In the junior male category won Mateusz  KOSTUREK, Rzeszów, Rzeszowski Klub Oyama Karate

The awards for popularization of Oyama Karate in Poland and abroad was given to  Sensei Sławomir Posłuszny 3rd dan, Bydgoszcz 

The awards for popularization of Oyama Karate in Poland and abroad was given to  Sensei Andrzej Tomiałowicz 3rd dan, Lubsko,

The ranking of Polish Oyama karate clubs

Place Oyama Karate Club Points
1. Śląski Klub Karate GOLIAT        93
2. Zagłębiowski Klub Oyama Karate 74
3. Krakowski Klub OYAMA       63
4. Rzeszowski Klub Oyama Karate           59
4. Lubliniecki Klub Oyama Karate       59
5. Klub Oyama Karate Lublin 54
6. Piotrkowski Klub Oyama WASHI     46
7. Nadwiślański Klub Sportów  Walki  WULKAN 43
8. Łaski Klub Sztuk Walki Oyama Karate         42
9. Oświęcimski Klub Sportowy Karate 39
9. Jeleniogórski Klub OYAMA 39
10 Białostocki Klub Oyama Karate 37

The board of the directors awarded the monetary prize to the 1st-place winners.   

On behalf of the Board and myself I'd like to thank you

and congratulate you on all successes,  

OSU !   
Shihan Jan Dyduch