Polish Senior Championships

Stiff fights in full-contact and semi-knockdown karate !

The best fighters Krzysztof Mika and Piotr Cieśliński
Photo: Robert Zawadziński  

The 5th Polish Full Contact Oyama Karate Championships and All-Polish Senior Oyama Karate tournament in semi-knockdown were held in Brzeszcze. Sensei Rafał Czopek 3rd dan from Oyama Karate Brzeszcze Club was the organizer of the competition. 104 fighters took part in the competition. They were the representatives of 26 Oyama clubs and one Kyokushin-Matsushima club. The competitions were at a good sports level. The title for The Best Fighter of the full contact competition was awarded to Krzysztof Mika, Lubliniec and the title The Best Fighter of the semi-knockdown tournament was awarded to Piotr Cieśliński, Jelenia Góra. Sensei Paweł Pajdak 4th dan was the main referee of the championships. In the official part of the championships, Shihan Jan Dyduch 7th dan presented impressive cups to the winners of the Rank of OYAMA Polish Karate Federation in 2008.

Polish Champions FULL CONTACT Karate

female category -55 kg  Anna MAJCZAK, Lublin

male category -65 kg     Piotr CIEŚLIŃSKI, Jelenia Góra

male category -70 kg     Krystian KRYGIER, Konin-KKSW

male category -75 kg     Tomasz GROMADZKI, Katowice-Goliat

male category -80 kg     Michał GRZESIAK, Ostrów Wlkp.

male category -85 kg     Krzysztof MIKA, Lubliniec

male category -90 kg     Mateusz KLOCEK, Kraków-Oyama

male category +90 kg    Sebastian WACŁAWSKI, Chocznia

The winners of the SEMI-KNOCKDOWN tournament

female category -60 kg   Urszula ROZMUS, Brzeszcze

female category +60 kg  Aneta JEMIOŁ, Kraków-Oyama/Kozienice

male category -65 kg      Piotr CIEŚLIŃSKI, Jelenia Góra

male category -70 kg      Paweł ANLAUF, Brzeszcze

male category -75 kg      Michał PYŚ, Warszawa-Tygrys

male category -80 kg      Rafał SWOBODA, Katowice-WR1

male category -90 kg      Marek LEWANDOWSKI, Wieliczka

male category +90 kg     Łukasz GUMULA, Andrychów   


Shihan Jan Dyduch