Great Success in the USA!
In short.

The 2 nd Full Contact Karate World Cup "Kanreikai Open" took place in Danbury, CT, USA. The Polish representatives of OYAMA Polish Karate Federation won 4 medals in this well staffed competition: 3 gold and 1 silver.

Anna KOŁODZIEJ-PLEWKA, Lubliniec,  Dominik RZEPKA, Kraków-Oyama and Marcin NOWOSIELSKI, Jelenia Góra won 1st place and Łukasz ŁUCZYŃSKI, Kozienice – 2nd place.

Anna Kołodziej-Plewka, Dominik Rzepka, Marcin Nowosielski, Łukasz Łuczyński. [photo-archive]

The duties of the main coach of the Polish representation were fulfilled by Sensei Rafał MAJDA 4th dan, Jelenia Góra. Shihan Józef PIETRAS 5th dan, Kraków, was the manager of the team and a referee. Such a succesful travel to the USA was possible due to the great help and cordiality of Sensei Roberta MAŁOCHA 3rd dan, USA, who has been supporting Polish Oyama Karate organization for many year!

   Just as last year, Polish representatives met with great hospitality of compatriots: Sensei Zdzisław ZYSKOWSKI 2nd dan and Sensei Mariusz JANICKI 2nd dan, who is practising karate at the headquarters of World Kanreikai Karate in Danbury, OSU !

Congratulations and thank you for the great performance in the USA!


Shihan Jan Dyduch

The results, photos and videos will be soon available at the official website of the World Cup host: