OYAMA Karate in Iran

Shihan Seyed Hossein Moghadasi 6th dan, the leader of Iran Kenpo Karate Federation, joined OYAMA IKF. Shihan Hossein is a qualified instructor and  a kyokushin karate referee, registered in Iran Karate Federation. He has been practising karate as a hobby for 30 years.

There are about 30 students with black belts who train in his organization. The representatives of Hossein's organization successfully participate in national and international competitions: knockdown karate, kickboxing and muay thai.


Shihan Hossein was born in 1969. He studied i.a. English literature. He lives in the city of Arak, situated at 1750 m above sea level, at the footof the Zagros Mountains (over 4 000 m). He works as a engineer in the national oil manufacturing company. He is married and he has two daughters. 

We wish you all the best in studying and spreading Oyama Karate in Iran, OSU!
Shihan Jan Dyduch 7 th dan